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Mikrotik PWR-Line 7400

PL7400 is designed for MikroTik products with microUSB port, like hAP mini or hAP lite. Connect PL7400 to your electrical outlet and then connect the USB cable to power your supported MikroTik device. When doing the same with another PWR-LINE compatible device somewhere further in your premises, the devices will form a 100Mbit (max) connection without needing to install any LAN cables.

Comes with Type C power plug (commonly used in Europe, South America and Asia)


Product specifications

Product code PL7400
AC input range 100-240
Input Voltage 100-240v
Operating Temperature -20...+60C
PLC chipset AR7420
Storage size 1 MB
Storage type FLASH
Tested ambient temperature -40°C to 70°C

Code: WLPL7400

Producer: Mikrotik

Warranty: 24 months

In stock: 18 ks

Reservation: 0 ks


RP: 0.03 €
29,40 € (with VAT)


1 - 3 ks 24,47 €
4 - 6 ks 24,11 €
7 a viac ks 23,75 €
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