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Grandway FHO5000-T40F

    FHO5000 series Optical Time Domain Reflectometer(OTDR) is the new generation of intelligent meter for the detection of fiber communications systems.With the popularize of optical network construction in cities and countrysides,the measurement of optical network became short and disperse,FHO5000 is specially designed for that kind of application,its economic and also have outstanding performance.
    FHO5000 is manufactured with patience and carefulness,following the national standards to combine the rich experience and modern technology,subject to stringent mechanical,electronic and optical testing,quality assurance,in the other way,new design makes FHO5000 more smart and compact and multi-purpose,
also it has various functions. 
    Whether you want to detect link layer in the construction and installation of optical network or proceed efficient maintenance and trouble shooting,FHO5000 can be your best assistant.

Code: NAFHO5000-T40F

Producer: Grandway

Warranty: 12 months

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